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What is Cool Conduct?

Cool Conduct is teaching children confidence, kindness and respect.

Cool Conduct was written to encourage discussions that develop kind, loving and respectful children. I believe social and communication skills are 2 of the most important skills parents & educators can provide children.  Ready to learn more about Cool Conduct? Click image to order.

Praise for Cool Conduct

"Great Character Education Program, fun and informative"  REGINA BRETT-AWARD WINNING COLUMNIST AND BEST SELLING AUTHOR  

"Cool Conduct encourages role playing and creative thinking. Sometimes we need to give our children the chance to work on skills, and Cool Conduct offers opportunities for adult and children to work together and learn social skills." DR. PUTT - AKRON  CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL DIRECTOR PARENTING AND FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES 

"I just love Nicki Donley's book, Cool Conduct, 100 Ways To Make A Positive Impression. Now, you only need one book to help make your children feel confident in social situations and teach them the appropriate way to act.  This is a great reference tool for parents, teachers, caregivers and even grandparents. ROBIN MCCOY -INSPIRED BY SAVANNAH

 "This book is about educating children about manners and etiquette. It also helps them to develop kindness, confident and respect for themselves and others. This is a must have for the home and classrooms.  ELLA JOHNSON- MEMORABLE CHILDREN'S BOOKS & GIFTS

"I was very impressed by Cool Conduct. You really thought of a lot of topics that might not come up in many families with young children. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with kids".  SHARI JASKIEWICZ  WILCOX PRIMARY SCHOOL